Asteriosoft Team
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Working Since

The core of the company was formed back in 2006, and it has been continuously growing since then. We are now a team of 25+ Developers, DevOps and Data Engineers, Data scientists and Project managers.

Agile Approach
Our experience tells us that the Agile approach provides the best results. We provide a full software development lifecycle, including requirements, development, testing, deployment, and support /

The company has been cautiously collecting team members for years as crown jewels. Asteriosoft employs the most capable developers from around Novosibirsk (which is the 3d largest city in Russia and famous for its educational institutions). A few members came to join the team from other cities, near and distant.

Some of the senior staff in Asteriosoft are so good they teach Computer Science and Software Engineering at the local University. This is also where our most talented junior devs come from.

Properly trained by senior colleagues, younger employees get the feel of actual commercial projects under careful supervision. Most of them have become an important part of the team.