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SSP Solutions

A modern Supply Side Platform is essential in digital advertising, empowering publishers to manage ad inventory and boost revenue. I SSPs enable simultaneous access to multiple demand sources via header bidding, increasing ad revenues. They monitor and filter ad content for a positive user experience, combating fraud. Advanced algorithms set optimal ad prices, maximizing revenue.

SSPs cater to mobile and video ads, optimizing delivery. They integrate audience data for targeted inventory based on user demographics. Automated processes streamline operations, while integration with ad exchanges and DSPs expands reach.

In essence, a modern SSP is a central hub for publishers to monetize digital assets effectively, optimizing ad revenues through technology and programmatic capabilities for an enhanced advertising experience.

What are SSPs we developed made for?

  • Processing hundreds of thousands of QPS
  • Clustered system distributed to multiple locations
  • Various traffic type: web-sites, mobile apps, header bidding, video ads (VAST)
  • Constructor of detailed customized reports (more than 50 grouping and calculation columns )
  • Limit QPS per DSP (throttling)
  • Advanced configuration of commissions and margins per publisher and placement
  • OpenRTB Integration with DSP, AdExchange
  • PMP systems
  • Detection of fraud traffic and robots
  • Support of GDPR and COPPA
  • Real-time operation and statistics

SSP Portfolio

RhythmOne (US TOP-3 AdTech company)

A major US based SSP (supply side platform) with complex custom core functionality, lightning fast performance and unique auction PMP algorithms with features enabling a possibility for a publisher to make direct deals with advertisers. The platform featured an advanced real time statistics.

AdJuggler (US TOP-10 SSP in '00s)

AdJuggler SSP thrived since 2008, reaching TOP-10 US SSP by 2012. The platform offered full-featured campaign and inventory management for display, mobile, and video, including Exchange Media Program - mediating direct advertisers and programmatic buyers using user value predictions. Access to 30+ RTB and network sources, advanced real-time reporting, and a rich API.

Custom SSP for an Asian-American market

An SSP which receives traffic via Prebid Adapter and SSP Tags and interacts with multiple DSPs for creatives. The platform features a UI with onboarding, settings, and reporting functionalities. Admaru specializes in targeting the Asian-American segment, assisting advertisers with multicultural marketing requirements.

Feel free to write or call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.

What our clients say about us
"Our teams worked together on a year-long DevOps/DataOps implementation and have implemented a continuous data streaming infrastructure via Postgres, Kafka, and Snowflake with scaling at Kubernetes and AWS/CloudWatch monitoring.
These folks are great to work with, with impeccable work ethic. They have helped us architect and adjust, and develop our solutions despite changing requirements, and have always been there to help."
Vlad Pasman
Engineering Director
RedShelf Inc
"We have been working with Asteriosoft for several years as our dedicated development partner. They find efficient solutions for our tasks, no matter how complex they may be, and deliver them within tight deadlines. We know we can rely on them for both planned projects and crisis situations.
I gladly recommend this company as a reliable, proactive, and professional partner."
Dave Hamilton
CEO of BackBeat Media
"I have been working with this team for over 10 years, utilizing their services for the development of our software products. Throughout this time, the team consistently provided us with high-level software solutions, developed within the given time and budget constraints. But perhaps the best part of our collaboration is the relationship we have established. These guys truly understood our goals and approaches to deliver a product that surpasses our competitors."
Jonathan Rivers
Director of Digital Marketing
Advertising Management System
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