Handling half
a million
QPS easily
Semantic targeting
on millions
of pages
24/7 global
technical support
Big data
advanced analytics
of data’s terabytes

Your ultimate Header Bidding tool is ready, connect now and get
a free month. Real time analytics for your Header Bidding strategies, connect now and get a free month.
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We have laid the foundation of your future project, to save you up to 30% on development costs.
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Advertising technologies is the area where we play to our strengths with 15+ years of experience behind our backs.
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Having your own DSP is all about competitive advantages. It is not simple to build one and not easy to run, but if you know your way around AdTech you probably know why you need one.
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Global internet marketing has been dependent on cookies for decades. Marketers used them for targeting ads to the right audience, tracking users’ behavior and measuring various parameters.
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Extract, Transform, Load (or vice versa?) – custom powerful tools to get your business flow under control.
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We will get your Performance / Costs balance right so you do not have to pay extra for a well working system.
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As a team we are focused on developing enterprise-level solutions. Our existing clients are mostly AdTech companies. However, we have been growing and are now working on all sorts of projects involving Data Engineering, DevOps, Big Data and more.