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A Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a technology platform used in the digital advertising ecosystem. It is a software tool that enables advertisers and agencies to programmatically buy digital ad inventory on various online platforms like websites, mobile apps, and other digital media outlets.

The primary purpose of a DSP is to help advertisers target specific audiences and display their ads in front of the right people at the right time. Advertisers can set their campaign parameters, such as budget, targeting criteria, ad formats, and goals, and the DSP will use real-time data and algorithms to bid on available ad impressions in real-time auctions.

DSPs bring efficiency to the advertising process by automating and streamlining the buying of ad inventory across multiple publishers. Advertisers can reach their target audiences more effectively, and publishers can maximize their ad revenue by selling their inventory to the highest bidder through real-time auctions.

An advanced DSP we have built

  • Integration with 30+ SSP systems (Google Adx, Appadeal, MoPub, AppLovin, GothamAds, Ad Generation, Fyber, etc.)
  • Clustered system distributed to multiple locations
  • Real time detection of request details using external data sources
  • Processing hundreds of thousands of requests per second
  • Dynamic bidding strategies based on data science models
  • Collection, storage and analysis of user profiles
  • Big Data processing and analysis
  • Budget/limits distribution (pacing)
  • Real-time operation and statistics
  • Constructor of detailed customized reports

How a DSP works?

Here is an general overview of how a Demand-Side Platform works:

  • 1

    Auction Participation

    When a user visits a website or app with available ad space, an ad impression is generated. This ad impression is put up for auction on an Ad Exchange or Supply-Side Platform (SSP).
  • 2

    Real-time Bidding (RTB)

    The DSP's algorithms evaluate the ad impression's relevancy to the advertiser's target audience and decide whether to bid on the impression or not. If the impression fits the predefined criteria, the DSP places a bid within milliseconds.
  • 3

    Winning the Auction

    The DSP's bid competes against other advertisers' bids in real-time. The highest bidder wins the auction and gets their ad displayed to the user.
  • 4

    Ad Delivery

    In case the DSP's bid wins, the ad is instantly served to the user on the website or app.
  • 5

    Reporting and Optimization

    The DSP provides detailed performance metrics and analytics to the advertiser. Using this data, the advertiser can optimize their campaigns for better results.

DSP Portfolio

Cookieless solution for DSP

An cookieless advertising solution based on page contents, which employs web crawling, dynamic databases, machine learning and framework semantic scoring. It categorized over 1M web sites and placed them under specific categories for accurate targeting. We integrated several 3d party DMPs for additional info on specific web pages.

DSP for a global technology company

The project focuses on delivering targeted and engaging mobile advertising campaigns to users worldwide. It helps app developers and advertisers reach their target audiences effectively. Platform is using advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify high-value users and deliver relevant ads.

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What our clients say about us
"Our teams worked together on a year-long DevOps/DataOps implementation and have implemented a continuous data streaming infrastructure via Postgres, Kafka, and Snowflake with scaling at Kubernetes and AWS/CloudWatch monitoring.
These folks are great to work with, with impeccable work ethic. They have helped us architect and adjust, and develop our solutions despite changing requirements, and have always been there to help."
Vlad Pasman
Engineering Director
RedShelf Inc
"We have been working with Asteriosoft for several years as our dedicated development partner. They find efficient solutions for our tasks, no matter how complex they may be, and deliver them within tight deadlines. We know we can rely on them for both planned projects and crisis situations.
I gladly recommend this company as a reliable, proactive, and professional partner."
Dave Hamilton
CEO of BackBeat Media
"I have been working with this team for over 10 years, utilizing their services for the development of our software products. Throughout this time, the team consistently provided us with high-level software solutions, developed within the given time and budget constraints. But perhaps the best part of our collaboration is the relationship we have established. These guys truly understood our goals and approaches to deliver a product that surpasses our competitors."
Jonathan Rivers
Director of Digital Marketing
Advertising Management System
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