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Advanced Prebid analytics - AsterioBid

AsterioBid is an analytics tool for publishers that gives an analytical data about prebid.js’ auctons. It provides valuable insights into how the header bidding implementation is performing, helping publishers and ad operations teams optimize their ad revenue and user experience.

It hepls website owners to increase their revenue by optimizing settings of prebid.js and SSPs set. Data helps identify the most valuable partners and adjust the header bidding setup accordingly. It gives understanding which SSP participate in auctions and which ones win impressions. It also provides publishers with detailed analytics and reporting on their Prebid.js performance, helping them make data-driven decisions and allocate their ad inventory effectively.

AsterioBid has its own Prebid analytics adapter that can be easily used with any wrapper. It doesn't matter which wrapper you use, you can add the AsterioBid adapter to start receiving data-driven insights on Prebid.js auction results.

Prebid analytics features

  • Gathering statistic in one system
    You can manage and monitor all your Prebid.js partners in one convenient place. See and compare how different SSPs (Supply Side Platforms) are performing based on important factors like Revenue, Bid Rate, Timeout Rate, and Response Time.
  • Real-time analytics
    Real-time analytics allows to see auctions data quickly. It updates automatically, so you don't have to wait for a long time to get the latest stats. You can view a summary of how your website is performing, including trends, data from all bidders, and your available ad space, all in one place.
  • Advanced Reporting
    The ready-to-use reports which can be customized by filtering and grouping the data. Plus, you can easily sort the results to see the information you need, and you can download the reports in .csv format for easy sharing or further analysis.
  • Multy currency
    With the built-in currency converter, you can use international ad opportunities and keep track of your total revenue easily. It automatically converts the earnings into your preferred currency, so you can see exactly how much you're making from different regions without any hassle.
  • Incremental Revenue calculation
    You can see Incremental Revenue contributed by each bidder. This way, you can easily keep track of how much each partner is adding to your overall earnings. It's a great tool to optimize your ad setup and boost your ad revenue effectively.
  • Pricing by ad unit requests
    Unit requests pricing model allows you to have control over yours spending, as you pay when an auction held.
    With this unit requests pricing model, you are in control of your spending because you only pay for analytic of an auction, not for the traffic.
  • UTM tracking
    Keep an eye on where your website visitors are coming from and see how profitable each source, medium, or campaign is with UTM Analysis charts. This report includes more detailed statistics based on the specific parameters you want to focus on. This helps you understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and make smarter decisions to improve your results.
  • Alerts system
    Stay informed about issues with Prebid.js auctions on your websites. Use an alert system to set and receive email alerts, and customize it with your own threshold values and granularity.

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