Demand Side Platform off–the-shelf solution

Get Ahead in Programmatic Advertising
Reasons to buy an off–the-shelf DSP solution
An off-the-shelf DSP solution allows businesses to leverage advanced programmatic advertising capabilities without the complexities and expenses.
Quick Start
Off-the-shelf DSP enables immediate use, allowing business to quickly start and manage advertising campaigns without the delays of custom development.
Lower Investment
Our solution requires a lower initial investment compared to custom-built DSPs, making it more affordable and accessible for businesses of all sizes.
Proven Technology
Off-the-shelf DSP comes with built-in advanced features and are based on reliable, tested technology, providing businesses with robust tools for programmatic advertising.


We deliver a leading-edge DSP solution that includes a variety of advanced features.
  • Advertiser access
    Users can self-register and independently create campaigns through the self-serve platform.
  • Administrating
    The platform offers administrator access and comprehensive user management capabilities.
  • Multiple Ad formats
    The platform supports various ad formats such as banners, native, video, display ads, and pop-under.
  • Bid optimization
    Bids are optimized based on CTR, CPA, CVR, and creatives.
  • Anti-fraud solution
    he anti-fraud system performs double verification of impressions, clicks, and events, and integrates with third-party services.
  • Targeting
    Targeting options cover geolocation, demographic data, language, IAB categories, device type, OS, and much more.

  • Real-time analytics
    Real-time reports facilitate making data-driven decisions.
  • Deal ID support
    The platform supports Deal ID functionality.

How to by off–the-shelf DSP solution

Transform your AdTech business strategy today – launch your DSP in just one week
  • Contast us
    Feel out the contact form or reach out to our sales team to consult on off-the-shelf DSP.
  • Purchase
    Sign the license agreement and proceed with the purchase.
  • Setup and Implementation
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.

Feel free to write or call us. We can provide consultation or give demo access.

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