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An Ad Server is a technology platform used in digital advertising to deliver, manage, and track online advertisements. Its primary function is to serve advertisements to websites, mobile apps, or other digital platforms where ads can be displayed to the audience. Ad Servers are used n the advertising ecosystem, ensuring that the right ads are shown to the right users at the right time.

Ad servers are solutions in managing the complexities of digital advertising, providing a seamless experience for both advertisers and publishers while optimizing ad performance and ensuring ads reach the most relevant audiences.

How an AdServer works?

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    Ad Placement

    Advertisers and marketers create various types of ads, such as display ads, video ads, or interactive ads, along with the specific targeting criteria for their campaigns.
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    Ad Inventory

    Publishers (website owners or app developers) provide space on their platforms where they want ads to be displayed. This space is referred to as ad inventory.
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    Ad Serving

    When a user visits a website or interacts with an app, the Ad Server is called upon to determine the most relevant ad to show to that specific user based on factors like their location, browsing history, interests, and demographic information.
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    Targeting and Optimization

    Ad Servers utilize sophisticated algorithms and user data to optimize the ad delivery process. They aim to maximize the performance of ads by displaying the most relevant ones to users who are likely to engage or convert.
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    Ad Tracking and Reporting

    Ad servers track important metrics like impressions (the number of times an ad is shown), clicks (when a user interacts with an ad), conversions (when a desired action is completed, like making a purchase), and other relevant engagement data. This information is used by advertisers and publishers to analyze the effectiveness of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions.
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    Frequency Capping

    Ad servers can control the number of times a particular ad is shown to a single user within a specific time period. This prevents ad fatigue and ensures a positive user experience.
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    Ad Exchange Integration

    Ad servers can integrate with ad exchanges, which are marketplaces that connect advertisers and publishers to facilitate the buying and selling of ad inventory programmatically through real-time bidding (RTB) auctions.

AdServer Portfolio

Nui Media AdServer

Platform made to help clients maximize their ROI. Nui AdServer is robust solution with a finely tuned UI. Allows user to manage display, mobile, rich media & video seamlessly. Regain control of inventory, streamline operations with an intuitive interface.

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"Our teams worked together on a year-long DevOps/DataOps implementation and have implemented a continuous data streaming infrastructure via Postgres, Kafka, and Snowflake with scaling at Kubernetes and AWS/CloudWatch monitoring.
These folks are great to work with, with impeccable work ethic. They have helped us architect and adjust, and develop our solutions despite changing requirements, and have always been there to help."
Vlad Pasman
Engineering Director
RedShelf Inc
"We have been working with Asteriosoft for several years as our dedicated development partner. They find efficient solutions for our tasks, no matter how complex they may be, and deliver them within tight deadlines. We know we can rely on them for both planned projects and crisis situations.
I gladly recommend this company as a reliable, proactive, and professional partner."
Dave Hamilton
CEO of BackBeat Media
"I have been working with this team for over 10 years, utilizing their services for the development of our software products. Throughout this time, the team consistently provided us with high-level software solutions, developed within the given time and budget constraints. But perhaps the best part of our collaboration is the relationship we have established. These guys truly understood our goals and approaches to deliver a product that surpasses our competitors."
Jonathan Rivers
Director of Digital Marketing
Advertising Management System
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