Have An Idea For Header Bidding?
Consider custom modules & prebidmanager!

Header Bidding Extension: A Tool For Pros

Need a header bidding solution built from scratch? Looking to make the existing one more advanced? Require a new adapter for your DSP/SSP or wish to improve your private marketplace?
A Prebid.js based solution
gives you control on how
your environment runs
A Prebid.js based solution is probably right for you, because it gives you control on how your environment runs.

As a publisher, you will be able to set the price and tune your flow in the way which makes the most sense to you. For instance, sometimes you may want to let a specific bidder win even if they do not offer the highest price.

Header bidding offers an impression to multiple SSPs and exchanges simultaneously, which allows multiple buyers to bid at once without any constraints, compared to the waterfall model. This is the main advantage of header bidding approach.
We have built all sorts of Prebid modules (both client & server side). In combination with our http://prebidmanager.com product and custom modules, we provide a highly efficient targeting solution for our enterprise clients.

Knowing where your traffic is coming from might be key to success, so an analytics module can be a great idea to invest into.

Staying aware of how your auctions work will help you remain efficient. Your vital metrics will be at your fingertips, for reviewing and fine tuning your approach, when your business needs it.